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Essay is defined as a piece of writing on any topic. All these tips and steps would definitely make essay writing attractive, worthy of reading and beautiful piece of work. An essay is the mirror of one’s mind and thinking. Formulating your thoughts in words is one of the most difficult thing but focused and relaxed mind will bring fruitful result for execution of Essay Writing Services. While writing an essay, you have to follow some basic rules and tips to make work worth of reading.

Step 1: brain storming or deep thinking

When you are starting of writing an essay, keen step is to understand the topic completely and try to note down some important points in bullets form in your notebook. For example, if your topic is to discuss on something such as use of computer then firstly you should note down all the advantages and disadvantages first. An idea can be missed so copying it down would definitely provide qualitative work.

Step 2: writing introduction

Introductory paragraph is the base of an essay. In this, you have to define the topic briefly about its general idea.

Step 3: formation of the structure by paragraphs

Body paragraphs depends how much matter should be provided or asked for. However, if an argumentative essay is given two body paragraphs are enough, one defining benefits and others lighting upon its drawbacks. If you are writing a discursive type of essay, you have to put your own opinion also and the part you support which make three body paragraphs.

On the other hand, in general essay topics like causes of poverty, you have to describe each cause separately in different paragraphs answering some questions like. What is it? How is it? And why is it? These three questions should be answered in body paragraphs with some relevant examples. These examples can be of some famous historical events or people or from daily experiences.

Step 3: Conclusion

Lastly, conclusion is the term used to gather all the basic idea discussed in above essay. In conclusion, you can write your own point of view and perspective. A final sentence can have a famous quote which will increase the beauty of your work.

Step 4: Editing and proof reading of the essay

In the end, you should go through your work in order to minimize mistakes. This is an essential step because it will decrease errors occurring unintentionally.

Some vital tips for all types of essay writing:

  • Small sentences with punctuations should be used.
  • Instead of repeating words, synonyms should be used. This will attract the reader.
  • Vocabulary should be enhanced.
  • You should write like a reader not like a writer.
  • Examples from daily life can be given.
  • Instead of writing haphazardly, complete information about one idea should be discussed first and then switch on other part.
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